Wins at three majors earn Victor over $30,000 IN CASH



Wins at three majors earn Victor over $30,000 in cash.

The journey began in August with the Victor winning the Redbull BC One North America Final 2015 in Orlando, Florida, his home state. That championship win awarded him a ticket to compete at the Redbull BC One Italy World Final 2015 and a chance at the Red Bull BC One World Title.

But he wasn’t going to sit back and wait for that event. He needed to compete. With desire and passion for competition running through his blood, Victor jetted to Pennsylvania in October to compete at the Silverback Open 2015.

This event was described as the “biggest competition in the 40+ years of breaking history” and rightfully so, awarding $90,000 dollars in total prize money, the largest in Bboy history. In addition, this event held the largest talent pool of pro bboys/bgirls.

The 450 competitors from all over the world were dwindled down to the top 32. This competition lineup featured World renowned Bboys Hong 10, Pocket, Victor, El Nino, Ronnie, Morris, Menno, Kid Columbia, Cheerito, Illz, Wing, Luigi, Moy, Shigekix, Kareem, Gun, Skim Ben Stacks, Kill, Robin, Scumbag Jose, Issei, Thomaz, Sunni, Killa Kolya, Nasty Ray, Ken Fury, and Skim.

Strong in stamina and flawless execution, he masterfully defeated his opponent round after round, battle after battle until he was the last man standing at the Silverback Open and $15,000 richer.

But Victor wasn’t finished. He could have taken a vacation to a tropical island and tanned all day by the beach. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. Not with Bboy blood running through his veins.

On November 7th, he competed in California at Freestyle Session World Finals 2015 and went up against the world’s best once again. And again, he came out on top taking home the $7,500 grand cash prize.

Still fresh from his last victory, one week later, he flew out to Italy and on November 14th battled Red Bull BC One Champions from various countries to win the Redbull BC One Italy World Final 2015.

The list of Bboys competing were impressive. Menno (Netherlands), El Nino (USA), Killa Kolya (Kasakhstan), Lil Zoo (Morroco), Alkolil (Russia), Bruce Almighty (Portugal), Sunni (UK), Leon (korea), Kareem (USA), Issei (Japan), Nasso (France), Thomaz (Poland), Ratin (Brazil), Kazuki Rok (Japan), and Pocket (Korea). The grand cash prize for the Redbull BC One World Final competition is $7,500.

2015 has been great for Bboys to win prize money at competitions, thanks to the Urban Dance & Educational Foundation (UDEF) an organization that sponsors Bboy events across the nation. For 2015 they put up over $280,000 in Bboy prize money, the largest in history to date.

For Victor Montalvo, it’s been an amazing year. And now, he stands on top of the world and humbly counts $30,000 in prize money he rightfully earned. And 2015 still hasn’t ended! Victor has a shot at the World Bboy Masters in December to win some more prize money. We like his chances. We might have to revise his 2015 earnings after this competition.

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