World Bboy Battle League 2024 Extreme Breakdancing Sports Tour


The Journey Begins. Who will become the next Best Bboy and Best Bgirl on Earth? Pro Breakers and aspiring Breakers from anywhere in the world can register for a Free WBBL Membership and enter the Global Online Qualifier.

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The WBBL 2024 Global Online Qualifier is now open!

  • February 05, 2024

The WBBL Tour isn’t just a global hunt for the Best Bboy and Best Bgirl on Earth culminating at the World Finals— The Superbowl of Breakdancing!

The WBBL Tour is a celebration honoring the Breakdancing culture, including breaking crews, organizers and competitors, and their contribution to making Breakdancing an Olympic sport.

With exposure on ESPN and Tubi and thousands of dollars in prize money, this is one event that is going to change your life.

Here’s how you can join the league through the WBBL Global Online Qualifier:

Open to everyone anywhere in the world:

  • Sign up to the WBBL.
  • Recieve your link to submit your videos.
  • Submit your videos showcasing your best footwork and powermove sets.
  • WBBL Judges will judge and score your sets.
  • Winners will earn a spot at one of the World Championships.
  • Winners will get Flight, Hotel and Transportation to compete at a World Championship.
  • Winners will also get paid to compete at a World Championship.
  • Winners will get a chance to win additional prize money at a World Championship.
  • Winners will get a chance to advance to the World Finals.

3 Top reasons to join the WBBL

“WBBL is a pro sports league giving athletes the recognition, exposure and compensation they deserve, and bringing  competitive breakdancing sports to hip hop, breakdancing and sports fans.”

2022 WBB Championships Photography

Ready to #BreakTheLimits and join the #WBBLMovement? Sign up now and start your journey as a WBBL pro!





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