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World Bboy Battle is a NYC based organization committed to promoting the sport of Breaking and dedicated to the well-being and success of its competitors.

The World Bboy Battle events are a breakthrough extreme Break-dancing experience where World-Class Breaking, Hip Hop music and Sports fuse to create the first professional Bboy sports experience for fans of Breaking and Break-dancing.


Since 2015 World Bboy Battle has been organizing pro Bboy championship tournaments. Their events are unique and exciting for both competitors and Breaking fans.

World Bboy Battle Championships are professional Breaking competitions held in seated venues, where world-class Breaking, Hip Hop music and sports fuse to create a pro Bboy sports experience.

At WBB Bboy sports events world-class Breakers perform choreographed Breaking routines to Hip Hop music in an organized Bboy sports championship competition to win a championship title. Venues are transformed into custom Bboy sports arenas where spectators can experience fun, exciting and thrilling pro Bboy competitions.


WBB Founder Frankie “Sirswift” Hernandez was a former pro Bboy who danced and toured with Run DMC in the early 80’s as a member of the Magnificent Force Crew.

For over 20 years Frankie suffered years of frustration over underground Bboy competitions inability to showcase these amazing Bboy competitors to the world. So he developed a Bboy sports format, created a sports regulated 100-point scoring system, constructed a prize money distribution system and invested all his money in his savings account.

On January 25 of 2015, he organized and launched the very first pro Breaking sports competition of its kind with the largest prize money in Bboy sports at the Queens Theatre in NYC. It was called WORLD BBOY BATTLE #1.


Now that Breaking is an accepted global sport thanks to the International Olympic Committee adding Breaking to the Paris 2024 Olympic program, it’s vital we grow the sport in the U.S. and increase participation among our nation’s youth.

Through organized Bboy sports, our youth can receive all the benefits of sports which include improvements in their academics, health and fitness.

At the core of Bboy sports is the Bboy culture which promotes great sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun. And the greatest beauty of Breaking—Breaking Unites All people and crosses All boundaries.

Your Support is Important

With your support, we can grow the sport of Breaking in the U.S. and increase participation among our nation’s youth. And through organized Bboy sports our youth can receive all the benefits of sport which include improvements in their academics, health and fitness. Attend our events. Like our page. Share with friends. Show your support. It makes a difference.

Reserve your seats at Tribeca PAC today! Group and company discounts available. Contact World Bboy Battle at info@worldbboybattle.com or (866) 255-5990 Ext#1

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