World Bboy Battle League 2024 Extreme Breakdancing Sports Tour
World Bboy Battle League introduces 8 Teams to its League


The World Bboy Battle League celebrates Breakdancing’s Olympic inclusion with an epic extreme breakdancing tour, promoting the sport, showcasing our culture’s incredible athletes, and awarding life-changing prize money. #BreakTheLimits and join the #WBBLMovement

Welcome to the World Bboy Battle League (WBBL), home to Bboy Sport and to the toughest Breaking battles on Earth.

WBB’s innovative ‘Move-calling’: Simplifying the sport for new fans.

Play-by-play announcing style: Enjoy the thrill of professional breaking like never before.

WBBL 2024 Championships

2022 WBB Championships Photography

No pain, no gain: World Bboy Battle separates the strong from the weak

From Footwork to Burners: World Bboy Battle’s brutal rounds test every athlete’s limits


Columbia, Harvard, U-Conn, NYU and Princeton have breakdancing clubs which help students learn the dance, keep fit and mentally sharp.

World Bboy Battle Apparel on Shopify

The Power of Hip Hop: Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change

Celebrate the 50th year anniversary of hip hop culture and the debut of breaking as an Olympic sport in this narrative that highlights the impact of hip hop on every aspect of our culture.

2022 WBB Championships on YouTube

Experience the best moments from the 2022 World Bboy Battle Championships. Immerse yourself in the energetic and soulful bboy music that provided the backdrop for the competitors’ epic battles. Witness the drama, fun, and excitement captured in vivid pictures. Be awestruck by the jaw-dropping moves showcased in the highlight videos. From the electrifying beats to the unforgettable performances, last year’s competition was truly one for the history books. Don’t miss out on reliving these unforgettable highlights.

First-ever move-by-move sports announcing in Breakdancing history

A play-by-play for Breaking which makes it easy for everyone to learn the names of each individual Breaking move executed in battle.

2024 League Registration

Attention B-boys and B-girls from all over the world! Register now to enter the WBBL 2024 Tour. By registering, you can now enter the 2024 Tour Global Online Qualifier. Don’t miss out on your chance to become a pro in the World Bboy Battle League, the world’s #1 leader in competitive breaking sports.

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