Bboy Grit: From Run DMC to ESPN: Unleashing the Drama Behind the Bboy Legend

  • 06/25/2024
  • 1.2 min read
  • WBBL Staff

The Bboy Ninja Backstory

Ever wondered what it takes to be a professional B-Boy in the electrifying world of hip-hop? Look no further than Frankie Sirswift Hernandez, a pioneer who danced with Run-DMC in the 80s and whose Bboy League and Bboy Sport premiered on ESPN . But Frankie’s story goes beyond the jaw-dropping moves.

A YouTube odyssey unfolds

In 2011, Frankie embarked on a captivating project: a YouTube series chronicling his experiences as a B-Boy and dancer for Run DMC. This wasn’t just a walk down memory lane. The series delves into the raw challenges, conflicts, and heartaches Frankie faced navigating the professional dance scene.

More Than Just Moves: A Balancing Act

Adding another layer of awe, Frankie accomplished this feat while juggling a full-time job as an accounting controller and raising three children. His dedication to storytelling alongside his responsibilities as a provider is truly inspiring.

From Breakdancing Crews to Blockbusters

The series took an unexpected turn when some of the show’s stars, including Jaiden Kane (who later rose to fame as Zip in Marvel’s Luke Cage), pursued acting careers in Hollywood.

Frankie Sirswift Hernandez: A Story Waiting to Be Heard

Frankie Sirswift Hernandez’s journey is a testament to perseverance, passion, and the unyielding spirit of a true B-Boy. Dive deeper and discover the untold story behind the legend.