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World Bboy Battle League Introduces Women’s Division for 2024 Season

Historic Move Aims to Foster Gender-Specific Competitions and Highlight Female Talent in Breaking

  • 06/24/2024
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  • WBBL Staff
World Bboy Battle League Women's Division

The World Bboy Battle League (WBBL) is proud to announce the addition of a women's division to its esteemed breaking competition for the 2024 season. This significant development marks a milestone in the evolution of the league, which has traditionally seen women competing alongside men. In 2016, trailblazers B-girls Kayla and Mantis made history by advancing to the WBBL World Championships, although they did not progress past the first round.

Recognizing the importance of providing a dedicated platform for female breakers, the WBBL believes that women should compete against other women to ensure fairness, given the inherent differences in physicality and strength between genders. This new division aims to spotlight female talent and encourage more women to participate in competitive breaking.

The introduction of the women's division is a testament to WBBL's commitment to inclusivity and the growth of breaking as a sport. Fans can look forward to an exciting 2024 season filled with extraordinary performances from the world's top B-boys and B-girls, competing in their respective divisions.