World Bboy Battle renames Bboy Battle For Ukraine Event

100% of the event’s profit will be donated to the Ukraine Red Cross


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2022 — It’s no secret that Putin’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine has affected billions of people around the world. I’m one of the billion and can’t stop crying everytime I watch the death and destruction by today’s Hitler in the media. My wife is Ukrainian and we have been celebrating the Christmas and New Year holidays with her family in Ukraine since we got married in 2016. I have no parents, cousins or anyone other than my wife and children, and I love my in-laws who love me and accept me as I am, regardless of my many flaws. They are my mother and father. As soon as the war began, I worked hard and used my resources to get them out of Ukraine. After facing many challenges with the US embassy denying them entry twice in Poland, in May, they finally arrived at my home in the US via the Uniting for Ukraine process.

I wanted to do something to help the Ukrainians suffering. So I titled my next event Bboy Battle for Ukraine 2022 WBB Pro Bboy Sports Championships. I want to raise awareness to the sufferings Ukrainians are facing and donate 100% of the profits to the Ukraine Red Cross. So immediately me and my team went to work and put the event on the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center calendar. A week ago, a new major development took place that caused us to remarket the event as the 2022 WBB Pro Bboy Sports Championships. Even though we changed the title of the event, I am still donating the net proceeds from the event to the Ukraine Red Cross to support their humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

It’s not everyday a person can make a positive impact in this world. After everything I have been through, and all the decisions I have made, I finally get a chance to help make the world a better place to live in. At this moment, I cannot speak on the development that took place. But one day soon. Until then, I continue to work hard, stay resilient, pray and serve my family and others the best I can. I pray that the sufferings end immediately for all Ukrainians, Ukrainian supporters and good people all around the world who feel their sufferings like I do.