World Bboy Battle extreme breakdancing sports championships returns to Tribeca PAC in NYC

Athletes and spectators come together in a professional sports and family-friendly environment, and share fun, excitement and thrills
  • July 26, 2022


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2022 — After a three-year hiatus, WBB launches the 2022 WBB Pro Bboy Sports Championships on August 27 in the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center. This annual championship event is bigger and badder with the world premiere of the Bboy Sports Games, a championship series of one-on-one Bboy sports battles where athletes show off their skills in individual style rounds in Footwork, Powermoves and Burners under the Pro Breaking League’s sports regulated 100-point scoring system based on ten elements fundamental to breaking. For the first time ever, anyone can watch, understand, compare, judge and enjoy a live Bboy battle because of WBB’s unique and easy to follow Bboy sport.

This single elimination bracket tournament begins at the Extreme 8 level featuring eight national Bboy champions, including Kid Karam (UK), Dosu (PE), and Neosan (FR), vying for the world title, prize money and the first WBB championship belt.

First level championship matchups:
1. Kid Karam (United Kingdom) vs Spindian (USA)
2. Neosan (France) vs Gravedad (Dominican Republic)
3. Dosu (Peru) vs Bugy (Romania)
4. Loose Lee (South Korea) vs Jose C (Mexico)

WBB distinguishes itself from every other Bboy competition because it is the world’s first and only pro sports league for Breaking. As such WBB offers Bboys a chance to compete, and brand themselves, as professional athletes which can open opportunities for endorsements and sponsorships needed to survive financially.

To encourage eventgoers interested in attending the event, WBB is offering a Friends and Family online only 15% OFF ticket sale using promo code: BBFU15

World Bboy Battle, creator and premier promoter of pro Bboy sports, led by founder Frankie Sirswift Hernandez, will donate the event’s net proceeds to the Ukraine Red Cross in support of their humanitarian relief efforts.

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