Meet Frankie “Sirswift” Hernandez, founder of World Bboy Battle (WBB), whose passion for breakdancing is inspiring a movement that helps poverty-stricken youth around the world.
  • Published :: April 21, 2021


Frankie 'Sirswift' Hernandez
Frankie 'Sirswift' HernandezFounder of World Bboy Battle (WBB)

From Escape to Empowerment: How Breakdancing Changed the Life of WBB Founder Frankie “Sirswift” Hernandez

Hernandez’s love for breaking led him to create a professional sport and a platform for b-boys to showcase their skills and receive the recognition and compensation they deserve.

Frankie “Sirswift” Hernandez, the founder of World Bboy Battle (WBB), turned to breakdancing at 13 years old as a way to escape crime, violence, drugs and gangs in NYC’s Washington Heights. Today, his passion for breaking has inspired a movement that continues to help poverty-stricken youth around the world.

With the resiliency of the b-boy, breaking has evolved into a sport, and in 2024, millions will watch the amazing skills of these athletes at the Paris Olympic Games. Yet, despite global recognition, b-boys still face exploitation by organizers who profit from their talent.

Having experienced this exploitation firsthand, Frankie founded the Bboy Sport in 2014, providing breakers with the opportunity to succeed as professional athletes. The sport features style rounds in Footwork, Powermove and Burner, and uses a judging and scoring system based on 10 fundamental elements of b-boying to accurately quantify an athlete’s performance.

In 2015, Frankie organized the first professional sports competition for b-boying, World Bboy Battle #1, held at the Queens Theatre in NYC. Since then, he has continued to grow the WBB by producing events for live audiences and television viewers, paying and awarding over $85,000 to players and production to date.

With World Bboy Battle, Frankie Hernandez has created a platform that not only showcases the incredible athleticism and creativity of breakers, but also provides them with the recognition and compensation they deserve. His passion for breaking has changed lives, and will continue to inspire future generations of b-boys and b-girls to pursue their dreams. Through WBB, Frankie aims to inspire and empower youth to pursue their dreams, break away from poverty, and become world-class athletes.

Frankie “Sirswift” Hernandez

Video was produced in 2014 for World Bboy Battle #1 crowd funding campaign. 

Video shot in 1984 featuring Frankie “Sirswift” Hernandez, Bboy pioneer and creator of swirls and many airmoves performed by Bboys today.