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Move-calling makes it easy for fans to learn the moves and easily follow its pro Bboy sports battles

  • 09/04/2021
  • 2.2 min read
  • WBBL Staff

World Bboy Battle (WBB), the fastest growing pro sports league for breaking in the US, has launched a new series of online sportscasts called Bboy Sports Battle. The series features 1vs1 matchups between the league’s top-ranking players, who will compete for championship titles and prize money. These sportscasts will feature a new "move-by-move" play-by-play sports announcing style, making it easier for mainstream sports fans to follow the competitions.

The format and scoring system for Breaking competitions in WBB are designed to be easy to understand. The events are styled after UFC matches, with sports announcers introducing the league players and providing a Tale-of-the-Tape comparison of each player's statistics and Breaking styles. Scores from a panel of judges are displayed after each set, with a scorebar providing updates on who is winning and losing during each championship battle.

Each competitor will face three individual rounds in Footwork, Powermove, and Freestyle, with prize money and titles at stake. The voice behind each battle will be former pro Bboy and WBB sports announcer Dominik “Foots” Hamilton, who will call out the names of each Breaking move executed in each battle set.

In 2014 New York Daily News article “Bring home the breakin’! Former Run-DMC dancer wants breakdancing to be a major league sport," by Eli Rosenburg, he described the vision of WBB founder Frankie “Sirswift” Hernandez. Hernandez has discussed his vision for the league with CEO's of some of the world's largest brands. With the largest prize money, guaranteed competitor salaries, thrilling matchups, engaging storylines, insightful commentary, move-by-move sports announcing, and cutting-edge sports broadcasting and production value, WBB is set to become the major sports league of Breaking.

“Our Bboy sports competitions are one-of-a-kind thrilling spectator events and easy for everyone to understand and follow. With ninety-eight percent of all Breakers living in poverty, our sports league will help our Breakers rise out of poverty, showcase their amazing skills, competitiveness, great sportsmanship, and share their inspirational stories with the world.”

— Frankie Sirswift Hernandez, Founder of World Bboy Battle

The Bboy culture's biggest hurdle in attracting mainstream attention has been the lack of a universal format, judging, and scoring system. WBB aims to overcome this hurdle and showcase the amazing skills and competitiveness of Bboys and Breakers around the world.

The first season of the WBB Bboy Sports Battle series features renowned champions Bboy Thesis vs Bboy Noe battling for the world title and grand prize money. With Breaking set to debut at the 2024 Olympics in Paris, this is a great opportunity for fans to learn more about this global phenomenon.