New bracket tournament and head-to-head matchups promise more thrills, drama and suspense
  • Published :: April 24, 2021


World Bboy Battle, organizers of Bboy sports, have modified its Bboy sport to feature 1vs1, individual head-to-head matchups across all their single-elimination knockout bracket tournaments.

When WBB first developed their Bboy sport, they substituted the traditional head-to-head matchup format at the first 3 levels of tournament play by using a sports “heat’ or “run” system similar to pro skateboarding or BMX competitions. Previously, the finalists at their events would compete against each other head-to-head only at the fourth and final level, the championship finals. Gone are the “heats” and leaderboards. Say hello to the 1-versus-1 matchups and bracket tournaments.

“Competitive Breaking is exciting because of its matchups and as we prepare for our upcoming events, we’re excited to feature individual head-to-head matchups across all our events.”

— Frankie Sirswift Hernandez, Founder of World Bboy Battle

WBB tournaments will begin using scorecards for each matchup which will show the scores of each player after each set. The scorecards will add more drama, suspense and strategy to each match. Players will see their scores after the first round and strategize on their next set based on their scores and whether they are winning or losing. Fans watching drama unfold through the scores telling the story will be held in suspense set after set.

In 2015, WBB organized the first pro Bboy sports event called World Bboy Battle #1. This change to their sports format will only amplify the drama and suspense to each thrilling WBB event. With the addition of the new pro sport, look for sportsbooks and sports betting agencies to get into this action.


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