WBB to bring live events to major sports arenas and a major sports network


New York City, NY— World Bboy Battle, a fast-growing US pro Bboy sports league whose mission is to inspire and deliver the world’s most thrilling Breaking sports events, is in discussions with major sports sponsors, arenas and agencies to bring live Bboy sports events to fans across the US with live coverage on Pay-per-view on a major sports network.

These events will give fans a chance to watch the biggest names in Breaking battle for the sport’s world title and largest prize money in Bboy sports history.

“We’re excited to give fans a chance to watch these amazing athletes compete at the highest level of Breaking, ” said Gary Newton, VP World Bboy Battle. “Today’s young generation love sports, highly skilled athletes, music, drama and suspense, and WBB events are a fusion of all those elements.”

In 2015, at Queens Theatre in NYC, World Bboy Battle #1 became the first pro Bboy sports competition of its kind using a 100-point scoring system WBB developed. Since then, WBB has been thrilling fans from New York City with a Bboy sport that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Breaking demands extreme physical exertion and skill, and has a high level of inherent danger. “American Journal of Sports Medicine,” reports in Breakdance Injuries and Overuse Syndromes in Amateurs and Professionals, that wrist and hand fractures, thighbone fractures, slipped spinal discs, and concussions were among the acute injuries suffered by Breakers. Because Breakers’ risk physical injury every time they compete, WBB will provide licensed physical therapists at all their events to help keep them injury free.

Biggest names in Breaking. Epic head-to-head matchups. Major league broadcasting and “move-by-move” sports announcing. Every match is its own championship event. WBB will soon give fans pro Bboy sports events years before Breaking debuts at the Paris 2024 Olympics.