The Power of Hip Hop: Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change

The journey of Breaking from the streets to the Olympics. Written by Frankie Sirswift Hernandez
  • Published :: March 9, 2023


The year was 1973, and the South Bronx was in the midst of a cultural revolution. A new art form was emerging from the streets – a dance style that would come to be known as breaking. It was raw, it was energetic, it was defiant. And it was about to change the world.

Fast forward 50 years, and breaking is set to take its place on the world’s biggest stage. The 2024 Paris Games will mark the first time that breaking is recognized as an Olympic sport – a momentous occasion for a dance form that started as a way to battle boredom and express creativity on the streets of the Bronx.

But breaking’s journey from the streets to the Olympics is about more than just athletic achievement. It’s about the power of hip hop – a cultural movement that has been changing the world for half a century.

This year marks the 50th year anniversary of hip hop, and it’s impossible to overstate the impact that this movement has had on our culture. From music to fashion to language to dance, hip hop has permeated every aspect of our lives. It’s given voice to the voiceless, and empowered countless people to speak their truth and fight for their rights.

Breaking is just one part of this legacy – a dance form that emerged from the same streets as the music and the art that defined hip hop. And now, as it takes its place on the world stage, breaking is a testament to the power of hip hop to inspire and empower people across the globe.

As we celebrate the 50th year anniversary of hip hop, we’re reminded of the pioneers and trailblazers who paved the way for the artists of today. From Grandmaster Flash to Queen Latifah to Kendrick Lamar, hip hop has given us some of the greatest artists of our time – artists who have used their platform to speak out on issues ranging from police brutality to inequality to mental health.

And now, as breaking makes its Olympic debut, we have a new generation of artists who are carrying the torch forward. These b-boys and b-girls are not just athletes – they’re cultural ambassadors, spreading the message of hip hop and its power to change the world.

So as we look forward to the 2024 Paris Games, let’s celebrate breaking and its place in the legacy of hip hop. Let’s honor the pioneers and trailblazers who came before, and let’s cheer on the new generation of athletes who are taking the culture to new heights. And let’s remember that hip hop is not just a movement – it’s a way of life, and a force for change that will continue to inspire and empower us for generations to come.

— Written by Frankie Sirswift Hernandez, Founder and President of World Bboy Battle