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WBBL BBOY RANKINGS #1 - KID KARAM Powermoves: 89.99 Footwork: 89.86 Burner: 97.88 #2 EL NINO Powermoves: 89.99 Footwork: 89.86 Burner: 97.88


KARAM "KID KARAM" SINGH For over 45+ years, Bboys were labeled only as dancers and excluded from generating sponsorship income as athletes. Today, brand sponsors are recognizing Bboys as highly skilled athletes. With Breaking now an Olympic sport set to debut at the Paris 2024 Games, [...]


JAVIER "SPINDIAN" CHAVEZ In 2019, as Spindian battled across the US, he didn't believe the buzz in the Bboy community about Breaking becoming an becoming an Olympic sport. He lives for the battle, trains twice as hard as his competition and relishes each victory. Today, he [...]


NOE "BBOY NEOSAN" SOBESKY Franceā€™s Bboy champion Noesan will show no mercy to his opponents as he fights for the glory and world title at the WBB 2022. He is currently en route to represent France at the Paris 2024 Olympic games. "Breaking allows me to push [...]


MANUEL "GRAVEDAD" MOTA DEL ROSARIO The path to becoming Dominican Republic's Bboy Champion has not been easy for Gravedad. But through determination and a deep passion for competitive Breaking, he has risen to the challenges and established himself as a bonafide world title contender. Growing up [...]


LUIS "BBOY DOSU" CARRERA Born in a dangerously poor part of Lima, Peru, being told by his family that Breaking was a waste of time was one of the obstacles Dosu had to overcome en route to becoming a Peru's Bboy Champion. When he was 21, he [...]


BOGDAN "BBOY BUGY" CURCA Romaniaā€™s Bboy champion Bugy has a Bachelorā€™s degree in Psychology and studied at the Hyperion University. Hi college thesis called ā€œThe influence of dance in anxiety and depressionā€ I took dancing to another level; my main objective was to show that dancing [...]


JOSE "BBOY JOSE C" CARDENAS Jose hails from Houston, Texas and depends on Breaking and training to manage his ADHD and keep him in fit. A fierce competitor he sometimes can't go to sleep thinking of moves, combo's and sets he's going to execute in his next [...]


EUGENE "BBOY LOOSE LEE" CHOE Eugene Choe, aka Loose Lee, is a full-time dancer and travels the U.S. as an educator, competitor, judge, trainer, performer, party motivator, and most importantly; a student of b-boying/breakdancing. He has taught and consulted hip-hop education and events on behalf of universities [...]

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