Odylle Beder
Odylle BederMantis

Quick Facts

Age 28
Nationality American
Hometown Brooklyn, NY
Crew Full Circle
Notable Victories N/A

Interesting Facts

Odylle was one of two pro Bgirl competitors to advance to the Championships at World Bboy Battle 2. At the Qualifiers, she showed off her amazing skills in Powermoves and Footwork and beat out some heavy Bboy competition. Keep an eye on Odylle, we will be seeing her take her fair share of championships in the Bboy/Bgirl scene.

World Bboy Battle#2 Championship Scores

Sick 16 Total Scores
Round 1 – Powermoves 205
Round 2 – Footwork 256
Round 3 – Freestyle 224
Total Scores 685
Placed 14th
Did not advance to Extreme 8
World Bboy Battle#2 Prize Money
2016 World Bboy Battle Rankings

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