Kayla Inzary
Kayla InzaryBgirl Kayla

Quick Facts

Age 24
Nationality American
Hometown Greensboro, NC
Crew N/A
Notable Victories N/A

Interesting Facts

Kayla began Breaking at 15 because it was exciting, challenging and so much fun. She trains 20 hours a week and one day hopes to become the world Bgirl Champion. She nutritions her body for professional competition with protein shakes, protein powder and protein bars. Kayla was also one of two Bgirls to advance to the World Bboy Battle 2 Championships beating out many of her male counterparts.

World Bboy Battle#2 Championship Scores

Sick 16 Total Scores
Round 1 – Powermoves 206
Round 2 – Footwork 222
Round 3 – Freestyle 214
Total Scores 642
Placed 16th
Did not advance to the Extreme 8
World Bboy Battle#2 Prize Money
2016 World Bboy Battle Rankings

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