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Bboy Victor vs Bboy Thesis

Two of the world’s most renowned Bboys and world champions will meet at the 2019 World Bboy Battle Championships at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on December 21, 2019 at 3:00 PM and begin their quest to win a championship title. They are part of a lineup that includes other top ranking Bboys with one goal in mind—Win and become the Best Bboy On Earth™ for 2019.

Racking up championship titles

Victor comes off another U.S. championship title winning the 3on3 at the 2019 Freestyle Sessions with Menno and Lil Gee as part of the Red Bull BC One All Stars. “Definitely want to keep the winning streak going. But it’s never easy.”

Bboy Thesis keeps pace by racking up 1vs1 championship titles and just recently won the 2019 Battle of Honour in Belgium. “I fall into a depression if I don’t train and compete. Winning is a blessing.”

Since Victor (25, Orlando, Florida) and Thesis (28, Seattle, Washington) first squared off at the championship finals in Connecticut at United Outkast Anniversary back in 2014, a majority of national championship titles have been shared by these two titans of the Bboy world.

Shocking the Bboy world

In 2014, Thesis was on fire and ended the year taking the championship title at the first 1vs1 Silverback Open in Philadelphia.

In 2015, Victor went on a winning rampage and became the only Bboy ever to win all three majors in a single year, taking home 1vs1 championship titles at the Silverback Open, Freestyle Sessions and the Red Bull BC One.

In 2016, Thesis reclaimed his throne at the 1vs1 Silverback Open again. At this event, Thesis eliminated Bboy Neik in the top 32 before squaring off with Victor in the top 16. In a one-round elimination Thesis defeated Victor, the first time they faced each other in a competition since 2014. Thesis went on to defeat Bboy Gravity, Bboy Robin and Bboy Issei in to win his second championship title at this event.

Titles derailed by injury

In 2017, both Thesis and Victor failed to win the Silverback Open but it was Thesis who claimed the championship title at the 2017 Freestyle Sessions.

Victor’s last 1vs1 championship title came at the 2018 Silverback Open. Meanwhile, Thesis had suffered a set-back not too long ago when he suffered an injury to his back and had to take time off to heal. Breaking has gone extreme and so has the increase in injuries among pro Bboy competitors as the moves and sets get more difficult.

Winning the 2019 WBB Championships

For the last 5 years, Victor and Thesis have gone back and forth winning championship titles. Both enter the 2019 WBB Championships and having them square off at the finals would be the most anticipated battle of 2019. Of course, the lineup for this event includes top ranking Bboys from all over the world such as Noe, Bugy, Gravedad, Dosu, and even Bgirl Kate from Ukraine, looking to claim their right to the championship title.

Will Victor and Thesis meet at the finals? Who do you think would win? Reserve your seats today.