Christopher Wan
Christopher WanBboy Killa Chris

Quick Facts

Age 23
Nationality American
Hometown Houston
Crew Hazardous Zombies
Notable Victories N/A

Interesting Facts

Chris started Breaking at 15 because this dance challenged and tested his physical abilities. His passion continues to grow as he keeps improving his skills and moving up in the pro Bboy competition circuit. He optimizes his body with protein powder, protein shakes and protein bars. He trains 10 to 15 hours a week.

World Bboy Battle#2 Championship Scores

Sick 16 Total Scores
Round 1 – Powermoves 242
Round 2 – Footwork 229
Round 3 – Freestyle 228
Total Scores 699
Placed 11th
Did not advance to the Extreme 8
World Bboy Battle#2 Prize Money
2016 World Bboy Battle Rankings

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