John Wilmar Vinuya
John Wilmar VinuyaBboy Flonetik

Quick Facts

Age 25
Nationality American
Hometown Queens, NY
Crew Full Circle Souljahs
Notable Victories N/A

Interesting Facts

John began Breaking at 18 and in a few short years has developed the skills and experience to compete professionally. He uses Breaking to express himself and trains 12-15 hours each week to stay on top of his game. He nutritions his body with protein powder/shakes/bars.

World Bboy Battle#2 Championship Scores

Sick 16 Total Scores
Round 1 – Powermoves 251
Round 2 – Footwork 233
Round 3 – Freestyle 240
Total Scores 724
Placed 8th 
Extreme 8 Total Scores
Round 1 – Powermoves 237
Round 2 – Footwork 223
Round 3 – Freestyle 231
Total Scores 691
Placed 8th
Did not advance to Final 4
World Bboy Battle#2 Prize Money
2016 World Bboy Battle Rankings

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