Why World Bboy Battle Competitions are Considered a Sport

Participants at World Bboy Battle Extreme Breakdancing competitions are awarded significant amount of money. When there is this type of money on the line, each athlete needs to be scored fairly and without bias. Scoring in today’s Bboy dance competitions are flawed, filled with bias, favoritism, judges are not held accountable nor offer explanation for their decisions. This discrepancy discourages participation and hinders athletes with the best skills to win.

The Solution: World Bboy Battle developed a unique 100-point sports scoring system (the only one of its kind), similar to gymnastics, based on ten elements fundamental to breaking which scores each competitor fairly and accurately. These elements are Dance, Creativity, Execution, Form, Balance, Speed, Strength, Difficulty, Flexibility, and Stamina. This sports scoring system is the single reason World Bboy Battle Bboy competitions are also classified as sports competitions.


World Bboy Battle Sports Scoring System

World Bboy Battle Sports scoring system measures Bboy Dance and Floor routines accurately

Advantages of this scoring system:

  • Fairness to each athlete during competition
  • Accountability to the judges
  • Stats to track each athlete’s career within our league
  • Athletes can measure their skills and improve on areas of weakness
  • Adds drama, suspense and strategy to the competition

In addition to the thrills and excitement of watching amazing athletes execute jaw-dropping moves and floor routines, World Bboy Battle competitions educate and engage audiences.

Interviews with athletes during the heat of competition allows the audience to learn who these athletes are, where they come from, how long they have been competing professionally, how they train and nutrition their bodies, what are the names of the moves, what is their strategy and other questions related to competition.

World Bboy Battle competitions test athlete skills and stamina and reward them with significant prize money.

Best of all, competitors are given a fair shot at winning, especially when there’s money on the line.

2015 World Bboy Battle 1 FANTASTIC 14 Leaderboard

Bboy NameRD 1 - PowermovesRD1 PlaceRD 2 - FootworkRD 2 Place RD 3 FreestyleRD 3 PlaceTotal Avg ScoresFinal Place
Uncle Will80.300273.800881.300378.4673
Concrete Monkey65.2671478.600680.067674.6459