Why is World Bboy Battle considered the Ultimate Test for the Elite of Pro Bboys through the eyes of world renowned Bboy El Nino

Back on May 15 at the WBB2 Championships held at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York City, world renowned Bboy El Nino took home the WBB2 Championship Title and $3,000 grand prize as he battled his way through 4 extreme levels of competition, each level with three rounds of battle which included Powermoves, Footwork and Freestyle.

After the battle, El Nino elaborated on the challenges he faced at this major competition and why he believes World Bboy Battle is specifically geared for elite Pro Bboys.

His take on winning WBB2 Championships.  “Obviously super dope, proud to rep for Boston, my crew and my fam and to take a win home is a great feeling. ”

There are over 10,000 Pro Bboys actively participating in Extreme Breakdancing competitions today across the world. How many of them really have a fighting chance to win? And what does it take to become a champion at these events?

 “This competition is for well-rounded Bboys, and it exposes your flaws which is cool about it.” Said Bboy El Nino. “Definitely it should be like great for elite Bboys to come out and test their skills.”

He emphasized the flaws and weaknesses this competition exposes on Bboys not well-rounded in their art and what it takes to win an event of the caliber of WBB.

“You have to be a pretty seasoned bboy to win a competition like this, you gotta show your vocabulary in all areas.”


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