WBB Athletic Apparel at Championships


The WBB2 Extreme Breakdancing Championships at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Sunday May 15 will feature athletes wearing World Bboy Battle high performance athletic apparel. “Our athletes are professionals who train hard and nutrition their bodies for competition. It’s only fitting that they compete in our Pro league with athletic apparel specifically created [...]

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Is B-Boy Sports the Future of B-Boying?


My research shows that the U.S. cities hosting the largest communities of B-boying are also the cities with the highest poverty rate among children. Is that a coincidence? Or is it because, b-boying is an activity that doesn’t require the purchase of physical equipment such as a skateboard, snowboard or bike. It’s free and affordable [...]

Is B-Boy Sports the Future of B-Boying?2017-09-12T01:34:45+00:00

Is the B-Boy Community ready for a Pro B-Boy Sport?


Why is it that after nearly 40 years, b-boying aka extreme breakdancing has yet to join the pro sports arena? When I first started my journey to launch a pro B-boy sports league six years ago, I met with Red Bull BC One B-boy athlete Kidglyde and talked to him about my idea. He mentioned that [...]

Is the B-Boy Community ready for a Pro B-Boy Sport?2017-09-12T01:34:45+00:00