Why is World Bboy Battle considered the Ultimate Test for the Elite of Pro Bboys through the eyes of world renowned Bboy El Nino Back on May 15 at the WBB2 Championships held at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York City, world renowned Bboy El Nino took home the WBB2 [...]

Live Screen Printing at WBB 2

In addition to the Extreme Breakdancing competitions, the World Bboy Battle 2 festivities will include Live Screen Printing from Downright Printing. This interactive and fun activity creates a one of kind experience for everyone to enjoy. Attendees purchasing World Bboy Battle shirts can choose their shirts, the design and the colors. They can [...]

WBB Athletic Apparel at Championships

The WBB2 Extreme Breakdancing Championships at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Sunday May 15 will feature athletes wearing World Bboy Battle high performance athletic apparel. “Our athletes are professionals who train hard and nutrition their bodies for competition. It’s only fitting that they compete in our Pro league with athletic apparel specifically created to maximize [...]

WBB2 Promises to be Bigger and Badder

The historic WBB1 sold out the 442 seat Queens Theatre. Due to high demand, WBB2 has doubled their seating capacity to the 913 seat BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center in Manhattan. In addition to selecting a larger venue for the WBB2 Extreme Breakdancing Championships, additional skilled member have been addes to the production crew to [...]

Why World Bboy Battle Competitions are Considered a Sport

Participants at World Bboy Battle Extreme Breakdancing competitions are awarded significant amount of money. When there is this type of money on the line, each athlete needs to be scored fairly and without bias. Scoring in today's Bboy dance competitions are flawed, filled with bias, favoritism, judges are not held accountable nor offer explanation for their [...]

NYC to host World Bboy Battle 2

Whew! It’s great to be organizing our next event. Let me tell you, there have been some tough learning curves for me in this new field. Do I regret leaving my accounting job to pursue this dream? No way. I love these young kids that put their heart and soul into breaking. They train [...]

Hat Trick makes Bboy Victor the World’s highest paid Bboy for 2015

Victor Montalvo wins 3 major Bboy championship titles in 2015 which earns him a total of $30,000 The journey began in August with the Victor winning the Redbull BC One North America Final 2015 in Orlando, Florida, his home state. That championship win awarded him a ticket to compete at the Redbull [...]

World Bboy Battle is Back!

Breaking News World Bboy Battle™. the creators and producers of Extreme Breakdancing Sports, are launching World Bboy Battle#2 in 2016. World Bboy Battle#2 promises to be bigger, badder and LIVE on ESPN3 -The Worldwide Leader in Sports. In the meantime sign up for our newsletter below and follow us on social media [...]

Is World Bboy Battle the next UFC?

UFC began as an idea created by fighter Rorion Gracie and ad man Arthur Davie to promote Gracie’s martial arts school back in 1993. Today, the UFC is more popular than the NFL around the world. Frankie “Sirswift” Hernandez and Deion George, former pro Bboys, are following in their footsteps with World B-Boy Battle #1 [...]


Back in the 80’s when b-boying was popular and in great demand, b-boys earned money from performing. Competitions were non-existent. In 1985, I remember earning over $600 every week performing for McDonald’s. That $600 was equivalent to someone making $1,373.54 today. I was earning well. I was taking care of my family, and I was [...]