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Justin Velez
Justin VelezBboy J'Serious

Quick Facts

Age 22
Nationality Hispanic-American
Hometown Brooklyn, New York City
Crew The Foot Clan
Notable Victories 10th Place – World Bboy Battle#1

Interesting Facts

J’Serious started breaking at age 16. He trains and competes professionally and teaches breaking and Hip Hop as the team choreographer at the Elite Dance Complex.

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World Bboy Battle#1 Championship Scores

Fantastic 14 Total Avg Scores
Round 1 – Powermoves 67.533
Round 2 – Footwork 72.067
Round 3 – Freestyle 78.733
Total Avg Score 72.778
Placed 12th
World Bboy Battle#1 Prize Money
2015 World Bboy Battle Rankings