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Welcome To World Bboy Battle

World Bboy Battle is the Ultimate Test for Pro Bboys. These pro’s all ages and gender travel from all over the world compete at their tournaments for a chance to win a Championship Title and Grand Cash Prize.

It is an individual Bboy competition hosted during a two day tournament where competitors audition at the Qualifiers on day one for the chance to advance to the Championships on day two.

The Championships is the main event, a 3 hour professional Bboy championship and entertainment experience.

As the number 1 producer of Pro Extreme Break-dancing Sports competitions in the world, we invite you to participate at our events, either as a supporter, sponsor, competitor or a fan.

World Bboy Battle competitions are an extremely demanding test for the world’s best Bboy Athletes and a thrilling dance and sports experience for spectators.
Frank Hernandez, Founder of World Bboy Battle

What is World Bboy Battle™

  • World Bboy Battle is an Extreme Breakdancing Sports league which produces professional Extreme Breakdancing Sports competitions.
  • Each year, these competitions filter out a true Bboy Sports Champion crowned the Best Bboy on Earth™.
  • They are highly-anticipated competitions featuring the top athletes battling for the Pro Bboy Sports Championship Title and grand cash prizes.
  • They are “can’t miss” 2- or 3-day tournaments for Hip Hop, breakdancing, sports and extreme sports fans.
  • The sports and entertainment experience is heightened with DJ’s playing music, vendors selling, giving away and promoting their products, music and dance performances, and athletes practicing openly at each event.
  • Host and Co-Host educate, inspire and even make audiences laugh at the competitions.
  • The referee adds dramatic flair when managing and regulating the battles.
  • Competitions use a 100-point rapid scoring system based on 10 elements fundamental to breaking. The results – A true Bboy Sports™ Champion.
  • Rapid scoring after each battle adds suspense and drama to the sports experience.
  • Talented music artists perform their “Hit” songs for audiences at half-time.
  • Competitions are recorded for television and online streaming for viewers worldwide.
  • Sports commentators provide insight, analysis, play-by-play and commentary for viewers.

Who Is World Bboy Battle™

World Bboy Battle is a Pro Extreme Breakdancing Sports League.

Spread the awareness and acceptance of Extreme Breakdancing Sports in a way that can unite the world.
Awaken everyone – and every community – to each athlete’s common humanity, competitive spirit and sportsmanship which is the foundation of the Bboy culture.
Produce professional Extreme Breakdancing Sports athletes, fans and the world will love and benefit from.

Our Services and Skills

Extreme Sports and Entertainment Productions 90
Audience Engagement 97
Thrills, Fun and Excitement 99
Great for the entire family 100

WBB Extreme Sports Format

World Bboy Battle sports format is thrilling, unique and unlike any other Bboy competition in the world.  Each competition is broken down to 4 extremely demanding battles called the Sick 16, Xtreme 8, Final 4 and Championship Battle. In each battle, there are three rounds called Powermoves, Footwork and Freestyle.

The Powermove round focuses on athletes executing the most amazing and difficult acrobatic/gymnastic-style floor routines testing primarily their strength, speed, form, balance and degree of difficulty.
The Footwork round focuses on athletes executing intricate floorwork or floor routines testing primarily their flexibility, strength, balance, creativity and dance.
The Freestyle round also called the “Fire round – burn or get burned” focuses on athletes executing their best floor breaking routines in each battle testing all their skills. Each routine tests athletes dance, creativity and stamina.

WBB Extreme Sports Scoring

World Bboy Battle’s scoring system adds suspense, drama and strategy during the competitions. Each athlete is scored on a hundred point scoring system based on degree of dance, execution, form, difficulty, speed, flexibility, strength, creativity, balance, and stamina.

Scores are revealed after each round and add strategy to the competition as athletes can plan and execute specific routines to maintain their positions or move up during the battles, depending on where they stand in the leaderboards. This adds suspense and drama during the battles.

Make no mistake – the World Bboy Battle competitions are designed to test the skills of professional athletes and produce a true Bboy champion rounded in every area of extreme breaking.