Hat Trick makes Bboy Victor the World’s highest paid Bboy for 2015


Victor Montalvo wins 3 major Bboy championship titles in 2015 which earns him a total of $30,000 The journey began in August with the Victor winning the Redbull BC One North America Final 2015 in Orlando, Florida, his home state. That championship win awarded him a ticket to compete at the Redbull [...]

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World Bboy Battle is Back!


Breaking News World Bboy Battle™. the creators and producers of Extreme Breakdancing Sports, are launching World Bboy Battle#2 in 2016. World Bboy Battle#2 promises to be bigger, badder and LIVE on ESPN3 -The Worldwide Leader in Sports. In the meantime sign up for our newsletter below and follow us [...]

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Bboy Shellz


Pro Athlete Quick Facts Age 23 Nationality African-American Hometown New Jersey Crew Rep Styles Crew Notable Victories Winner - World Bboy Battle#1 Interesting Facts Shellz started breaking at age 17. He travels and competes professionally around the nation. He is also a performing dance artist and an avid fan and participant of [...]

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Bboy Damien


Pro Athlete Quick Facts Age 18 Nationality African-American Hometown Bronx, New York City Crew Silverback Youngbloods | 360 Flava Notable Victories 2nd Place - World Bboy Battle#1 Top 32 - Silverback Open Top 12 - Evolution 2015 Interesting Facts 2015 has been an amazing year for Damien. He placed 2nd at [...]

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