The Inspiring Bboy Culture


What is a Bboy? People call them breakdancers. But Bboys are more than dancers. They are trained athletes with amazing skills. They are young kids, our children, boys and girls all ages, 75% male, Hispanic, Black and Asian, and a majority of them come from poor families in our communities. They love to “break”. It’s [...]

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New Extreme Sport Launches on Rockethub


Former Bboy creates new extreme breakdancing sport to help inner city youth World Bboy Battle officially launches its crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 on, the world’s “crowdfunding machine”. The money raising initiative will introduce pro Bboy sports to the masses and bring young extreme breakdancing athletes known as Bboys to the Queens [...]

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Making a difference in our Communities


This Tuesday, World Bboy Battle Launches on Rockethub! On Tuesday, November 25th, 2014, at 12:00pm, World Bboy Battle #1 launches its Rockethub, a platform that allows people to back creative projects. If you have been following World Bboy Battle, then you know that their goal is to help Bboys make breakdancing a career. Bboys are [...]

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