Why are B-Boy Competitions Failing in the U.S.?

The athletes are getting faster and stronger. B-boying as art and dance is evolving to thrilling heights. And yet, a couple of b-boy organizers we have spoken to are shutting down their competitions after over 12 plus years in business. They admit that attendances to b-boy competitions have been decreasing steadily. They put in hard work throughout [...]

Is B-Boy Sports the Future of B-Boying?

My research shows that the U.S. cities hosting the largest communities of B-boying are also the cities with the highest poverty rate among children. Is that a coincidence? Or is it because, b-boying is an activity that doesn’t require the purchase of physical equipment such as a skateboard, snowboard or bike. It’s free and affordable [...]

Is the B-Boy Community ready for a Pro B-Boy Sport?

Why is it that after nearly 40 years, b-boying aka extreme breakdancing has yet to join the pro sports arena? When I first started my journey to launch a pro B-boy sports league six years ago, I met with Red Bull BC One B-boy athlete Kidglyde and talked to him about my idea. He mentioned that [...]